Saturday, July 31, 2010

Recognizing the Dangerous Noises in Your Daily Life

In our environment, we will always hear a certain audible voice. If the sound disturbs the daily activities, then that voice is usually called noise. Noise is very annoying since it disturbs out hearing. When there is exposure to loud sound for long periods, you will find that this will cause hearing loss. Moreover, this can cause permanent hearing loss that can not be healed.

The loudness of sound (sound intensity) is measured by units of decibels (db), while the pitch (frequency) is measured with a sound hertz (Hz). For our hearing damage, it is usually determined by factors such as violence, the pitch, and duration of exposure.

Since noise can damage your ears, you have to protect your ears in order to keep your ears in good condition. There are some things that you can do to protect your ears from this disturbing noise. For instance, for you who work in noisy environments, you are required to wear hearing protectors such as earmuffs and earplugs. Especially, for you who work in an exposed area to noise with an average power of more than 90 db for 8 hours a day.

Instead of finding the noise in the workplace, you can find the noise everywhere even in your own house. But, the noise that occurs in your home has small decibel so that it is not too disturbing, for example the sound of ringing phone. Thus, you do not have to wear the hearing protectors for this condition.

Finally, some sounds that you can find in our daily life will be mentioned as follows. The sounds are mentioned with their decibel so that you can identify whether a certain sound is dangerous for your ears or not.

1. Whisper = 30 db
2. Converse ordinary = 60 db
3. Ringing phone = 80 db
4. Lawn mower = 90 db
5. Hair Dryer = 90 db
6. Bulldozers = 105 db
7. Chainsaw = 110 db
8. Ambulance siren = 120 db
9. Jet engines during take-off = 140 db
10. Firing guns = 165 db

Cochlear Implants When Hearing Aids Are Not Enough

Hearings aids are miniature electronic devices that amplify sound. This allows those with moderate to serious hearing loss to regain much of their hearing ability. The human ear contains approximately 15,000 hair cells whose vibrations sends impulses to the brain and allows us to hear. When these hair cells become damaged through exposure to loud noises, hereditary influences or disease hearing loss occurs.

If the hearing loss is moderate or even in some cases severe hearing aids through their ability to amplify sounds can allow those persons to regain some hearing. It is important to understand that at the present no device replaces hearing. Hearing aids only amplify sound.

Unfortunately for many adults and small children who have lost or are born with severe hearing defects or deafness hearing aids are of no help to their condition. However for some of these individuals there is another device which offers some hope. This device known as a Cochlear Implant began to be used in the 1970s. Although the system has been in use for over 30 years and has aided many thousands of hearing impaired individuals it is still considered by many to be new technology.

Hearings aids as everyone understands are simply placed in the ear. They are easily removed for cleaning, battery changes and other maintenance. Cochlear devices on the other hand as the name implies are composed of two parts the first of which is actually surgically implanted behind the ear into the skull. A second portion, the sound processor is worn externally behind the ear. The device actually bypasses the damaged portions of the ear and through direct stimulation of the auditory nerve allows the patient to hear sounds.

An important distinction should be noted between these devices and hearing aids. Hearing aids as previously mentioned simply amplify sounds such as voice for the user. The sounds heard through this implanted device is not identified by the brain the same way as normal hearing would be and so the patient must learn to identify these new sounds. Usually after the surgery is performed there is a period of therapy needed where therapists will help the patient to learn to interpret these sounds as speech.

These devices have helped many thousands of deaf and severely hearing impaired persons to regain some of their lost hearing. They are implanted in children as young as two years of age and adults. These cochlear implants will not help in all cases. Another problem is the high cost of implantation which may not be covered by some insurance companies. However this technology is just the beginning of what can be accomplished to help those who suffer from severe hearing loss and could lead to the development of devices to restore other senses such as sight.

Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate - What Equipment Do You Need For It?

The Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate System is a highly popular program for people who want to shed body fat. But what does it require for you to have in order to follow it? What kind of equipment do you need? Must you have a gym membership to make this program work for you?

In this article, I will answer all of these questions and more...

Fat Burning Furnace is built around doing full body strength workouts. These are intended to help you burn calories and fat during the workouts themselves and to boost your metabolism so you continue to burn more calories after the workouts are done. The workouts are short and intensive, intended to provide you with great results in a short time.

According to Rob Poulos, the creator of Fat Burning Furnace, you can do quite well with his program without any fitness equipment, just by doing the bodyweight versions of his exercises. Now, if you choose to go that route, I do recommend having a pair of good and comfortable workout shoes as this can make a real difference in how you train and feel. I also recommend having a workout mat or at least a thick rug to do some ground training on.

Be aware that while it is possible to lose fat with FBF by doing bodyweight exercises, that the program isn't really made out for equipment free exercising. Rob Poulos does advises that you have dumbbells and a workout bench with which to train, in case you don't have a gym membership, of course. As you will need various weights to the exercises, I recommend getting a pair of adjustable dumbbells as they give you the flexibility to change weights from one exercise to the next.

Having access to a gym and to strength training machines will make following this program easier. You will just be able to do all of the exercises without having to worry about variations that suit your currently available equipment. It's not a must but it will be helpful.

Overall, Fat Burning Furnace ultimate is an excellent fitness and fat loss program. I believe, that like many others before you, that you can lose body fat with this plan and tone your body. Make sure you have the will to go through with this program and, I recommend, having at least the dumbbells to make it simple to do the workouts included.

Killer Sales Letter Creator

There are many ways that someone can use a killer sales letter creator for the business that they have. They may decide that the process of creating a sales copy for their website may be hard for them, but it doesn't have to be if they know what to use it for and when. Sales copy creator software allows users to produce stunning content thanks to built in templates with help notes.

There are many ways that a killer sales copy creator can be used to make the best sales page copy possible. One of these ways is by using built in templates with help notes. The sales letter is something that businesses use to help bring in additional revenue. By using templates businesses can decrease the time they spend using the killer sales letter creator. Help notes guide the user through the process, answering their questions as they proceed through the letter.

There are many things that can help someone to decide if they need to have a killer sales letter creator for the message that they are going to be sending. A good sales page copy can be used for getting attention to the business that they are running as well as getting attention for a product that they may be introducing into the market. By using templates with help notes, sales copies are very good at getting attention and bringing clients and customers to a business. Anyone that is working on a sales letter may want to use killer sales letter creator that uses templates with help notes.

There are a couple of reasons that a business may decide to use a killer sales letter creator. Using software, and especially those that use templates, can save their company hundreds of dollars each year on writing expenses. They may be looking for something that will help them decide what the sales page may look like and can make it create the sales page that they are actually looking for.

They may use parts of the software program so that they can have something a little fresh, but that still looks like something that they may have already done in the past. Unity is going to help keep the customers coming back for more and let them know that it's the same business that they may have come to rely on.

When a business is looking at creating a killer sales letter, they may need to have a little help with the way that it looks. For this purpose, killer sales copy creator software can make any letter appear professional and tidy. By purchasing such a program, they can take advantage of features such as templates, help notes, and simple user interfaces.

Having a killer sales letter to promote your product is the ideal step in getting sales for your products. Everyone is in business to sell and this starts with having a good sales copy.