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Suspicion and strangeness of Vitamin C.

Did you know that some animals produce their own Vitamin C? They never get heart disease. No atherosclerosis. No heart attacks. Just singing a song all the day long.
Sad to report, humans aren't part of that happy group. Heart disease runs rampant amongst humans. Hark, Sherlock, might that not be a clue?

When things are this binary-produce Vitamin C and avoid heart disease vs. don't produce Vitamin C and be in a world of heart disease hurt-it behooves us to check it out. (I cannot tell you how delighted I am to get the word 'behooves' in, but I digress.)

So here's the simple answer: We have to take Vitamin C or suffer the consequences. Our inability to produce it on our own is supposed to be some kind of genetic defect. Who knew?

So let's take a look-see here.

Well, as I just mentioned, Vitamin C protects the body from heart disease. Impressive, eh?

Vitamin C also helps the brain recover from anesthesia, so after any operation, stoke up on C. Better by IV, but do what you can.

And Vitamin C helps build collagen, the better to stave off the downside of aging, and I use the word 'downside' advisedly since everything heads south at an alarming rate. If you're north of 25, be sure to take Vitamin C.

Not to mention that Vitamin C provides antioxidant benefits, which means if you eat, breathe or do anything else that creates free radicals, be sure to throw some Vitamin C down the hatch. Since antioxidants are death to free radicals, here's to your health and all that.

And of course, there's the old standby of taking tons of Vitamin C at the first signs of a cold.

And did you know Vitamin C helps the endocrine system-thyroid, adrenals, etc.? You betcha! The endocrine system craves nutrition. Drools over the thought even. If you could peer into your inner being, you might even see some slobbering going on. Very intense.

Plus, Vitamin C helps fight off anemia. Treatment for anemia should always include Vitamin C. Not all doctors know this.

This Vitamin C sounds like pretty good stuff.

Calling Linus Pauling! Calling Dr. Linus Pauling!

Some words of advice: Should you decide to take this wondrous substance, always take the complex, that is, Vitamin C with bioflavonoids. Vitamin C on its own can have a downside. And a little dab of Rose Hips ain't bioflavonoids, though labels might make you think so.

Also, take a buffered form. Vitamin C is acidic; you do not want to make your body acidic. That way lies disease.

One good form of Vitamin C is EsterC. It's naturally buffered, has some extra minerals to enhance its effects, and tends not to upset even the most delicate of stomachs. It's just a little pricey, though. If not EsterC, get any buffered capsule in a health food store.

Start with, say, 250mg with a meal. After a few days, add another 250mg at another meal. Keep on keeping on that way. You'll know when to stop because when your body reaches its limit, diarrhea sets in. Then you back off 250mg and maintain. After a few months of your body becoming used to the new regimen, raise it again and see how it goes.

Everybody differs in how much Vitamin C fills their needs. I personally take 6000mg a day (2000mg with each meal). Plus, I add 1000mg every four hours if I sense some dastardly germ seeking to do me in. (When you're under any sort of stress attack, your body needs more C.)

Finally, don't buy nutritional supplements anywhere but a health food store or an online equivalent.

People pay the big bucks for advice this good, so pay attention. Your heart-along with many other organs-will thank you.

You know your body or not that is also running on the racetrack?.

Is your body working at its top possible level or is it in survival stage?

Fact is: If your body is acid it is in survival stage.

But, what is acidity? It is measured with PH. PH 7 is neutral, 1 very acid and 14 very alkaline.

Ideal PH levels of body fluids:

·blood is ideally at PH 7.365

·urine and saliva around PH7.0

How can you test your body?

We have a health check available to you just send an email to:

And ask for the PH health check.

Obviously blood is the most difficult check to do, but urine and saliva are quite easy. In health shops you can get strips to test them.

What makes acid? (list incomplete)

·Feelings:, stress, unforgiveness, hatred, jealousy, sadness, feeling overwhelmed

·Nutrition: any fast food, meat, sugar, wheat flour products, processed food, canned food, (most food besides vegetables and some fruit)

·Drinks: coca cola, any soft drinks, beer, wine, coffee (lack of enough water)

·Lack of exercise: less blood circulation, reduced sweating, reduced function of lymphatic system which cleans the blood.

·Lack of Breathing: superficial breathing results in the lack of reducing toxic through the lung instead of energising the body with oxygen.

·Environmental toxicity: air, water etc pollution

What happens in an acid body?

·When the body is one unit down from PH 7 to PH 6, this means a 10x increase in the concentration of acidity.

·When the urine PH7 is lower than 6, the blood gets thicker and clotting of the blood might occur which might lead to thrombosis, strokes, embolies.

·The immune system is weak so acidic people are are more prone to getting the flu, feeling a lack of energy, and often having allergies, Cancer can develop in an acidic body (but it cannot survive in an alkaline body).

·High cholesterol is directly related to acidity and is an other survival strategy, (protecting the vessels from burning).

·Red blood cells are weak, have a shorter live span and can absorb less oxygen (which makes tired and hindering top performance).

Important! Inner organs can loose up to 70% of organ function without obvious symptoms. People might just feel les energetic, more tired and worn out. This is because the immune system is weak and they get sick more often, taking longer to recover…

How does the body deal with this, as this is the "western" life style? To keep the blood close to the ideal PH level is a matter of life or death.

So, what are some of the body's Survival strategies?

·To neutralise acidity minerals are needed! So calcium is taken out of bones, magnesium and potassium out of muscles. Which leads in the longer term to fluffy and weak muscles, muscle cramps and osteoporosis.

· Then the acidity gets stored in fat (very lean bodies have other strategies which are not healthier). More fat = more storage for acidity another survival strategy. Do you see why loosing weight is such a struggle? Obviously it is more important for your body to survive then to loose weight.

· High cholesterol protects the vessels from acidity (protecting the vessels from burning)

·A body in survival mode will automatically lower your motivation, and hinder exercise. For your body it is more important to survive than, to perform on a higher level.

So, lacking energy is a the conclusion of all factors mentioned above.

The tricky thing is, that this process goes slowly and many people misunderstand the symptoms.

One of the lies generally accepted by our society is that this process is just "normal aging" such as:

·Feeling more tired with getting older

·Have more aces and pains

·Gradually gain some weight (not muscles)

·Get fluffy and weak muscles ·Loose height (osteoporosis)

·Have less energy

·Lack brain capacity

All this is NOT what our body is built for!!!

The good news is we are built to become fit and healthy even when we're 120 years old!

But, it is like with a car or a house - if we look after our body well it will look after us much longer.

Action for today:

·What is your reality? how well do you feel in your body? Your body it the only vehicle you have your whole life.

·How do you deal with your feelings? Suppressed feelings increase acidity.

·How many litre (filtered) good water do you drink a day? (ideal1 litre per 20kg body weight) ·How many green vegetables do you eat?

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Differences between Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis - 5 simple ways you can use own today.

What is the difference between osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis? What are their special precautions and natural treatments? Find out the expert answers in this article.
Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis have got some similarities as well as differences. Their exact causes are not known. While osteoarthritis often accompanies aging, rheumatoid arthritis can occur in any age group and is also found in children and adults.

Osteoarthritis can be commonly found in people around the age group of 60. The intensity of pain and degree of the problem varies according to their lifestyle. Rheumatoid arthritis might develop at any age, although during remission period, there might be a complete lack of symptoms of pain.

Broadly speaking, these are the major signs of difference between osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis -

1) Pain is a common characteristic in both forms of arthritis. It is also one of the major distinguishing factors which doctors use for diagnosis and to identify the difference between osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

In osteoarthritis, the pain might occur in only one joint, for example in the right knee. On the other hand, in rheumatoid arthritis the pain is generally found occurring on the joints on both sides of the body. For example, there might be pain in both knees.

2) "Wear and tear" of the cartilage cushions is the primary reason for osteoarthritis. The cartilage cushions act as shock absorbers that prevent the bones of the joint from rubbing together. When this cartilage is damaged due to overuse or injury, it causes osteoarthritis and leads to inflammation and swelling in the joints.

In rheumatoid arthritis, the pain and inflammation in the joints take place well before any damage occurs in the cartilage cushions. In fact, frequent occurrence of chronic inflammation causes damage to the cartilage and intense pain.

3) Factors that might lead to the occurrence of osteoarthritis are - obesity, joint injury, overuse of joints and heredity. On the other hand, obesity might aggravate the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, but it does not play any role in developing of that condition in the first place.

4) One of the major difference between osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis is that osteoarthritis affects only the joints, while rheumatoid arthritis can also affect many other parts in the body.

5) What is the difference between osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis in terms of treatment? In rheumatoid arthritis, drugs that suppress immune system activity are often prescribed; whereas they are not required in osteoarthritis. However, anti-inflammatory drugs are common mode of treatment in both forms of arthritis.

Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation in the diet by using fish oil supplements is one of the best, most effective and natural ways of treating the symptoms of both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

They are also free of the potential side effects that most of the description based anti-inflammatory drugs suffer from. On the contrary, they provide a lot of health benefits such as improvement in brain health, cardiovascular health, digestive system, memory and concentration, skin health, joints and much more.

Green lipped mussel found in New Zealand is also another excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. It plays an effective role in reducing pain and joint stiffness, increasing grip strength and enhancing mobility in people suffering from osteoarthritis. It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and is used in combination with fish oil supplements to provide effective long-term relief in arthritis symptoms.

However, if you are using blood thinner medications such as aspirin on medical prescription, then you should consult your doctor before including omega-3 supplements or fish oil supplements for arthritis relief as they are natural blood thinners. This is to ensure that you do not take too many blood thinners as it could lead to potential side effects.

Yes, you can travel and work with CPAP.

A travel CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine is not nearly the problem it used to be when traveling. With the technological advances that are being made today, it is no surprise this machine was improved as well. The noise has been reduced and the features improved so that the machine can monitor your oxygen levels. The size has also been greatly reduced so the CPAP machine is not as bulky as it was originally. Due to the necessity of the CPAP to prevent sleep apnea it was just a matter of time before the need for a more light-weight and portable machine was introduced.
Airline Travel

When traveling with a CPAP machine, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Where you will be traveling is one of the considerations. It is an exceptionally good idea to purchase a plug adapter for your machine if you will be traveling out of the country. For airplane travel, if the flight is going to be long enough to require sleeping, the power source is EmPower.

The options here are either to buy an adapter which converts the CPAP to the power on the plane or purchase an inverter. An inverter will work when you plug it into a 12V outlet or an EmPower outlet. Then simply plug your regular power cord into the inverter and you are all set.

Another option that has just become available in the last few years is a travel model CPAP machine. There are now battery powered machines that were designed for the traveler. The battery can be charged to last for about 11 hours depending upon the setting. If needed, the machine can be run from an outlet which charges the battery even while it is running.

There are travel bags designed to carry your machine and any accessories you will need to use it such as an extension cord, an adapter and extra fuses. This may be carried on according to regulations on most airlines. The need for the CPAP machine is becoming more widely known therefore the transporting of the device is more acceptable. The best idea is to carry a letter from your physician containing his telephone number for verification of the need for the machine.

Traveling by Car/Camping Trips

When traveling by car or going on a camping trip, there are adapters that will allow various options when it comes to charging your CPAP machine. A good idea, of course is to make sure your battery is fully charged before leaving. This will keep it operable for a few hours before having to recharge. There are campsites with electrical connections which you can use for your CPAP machine. If necessary an adapter may be attached.

However, many power cords are made to allow connections to the cigarette lighter in your vehicle. So if remote camping is on your agenda you are always close to a power source for your machine. This is a great idea for truck drivers who travel across country and use their sleeper cabs for resting in between picking up loads and dropping them.

With the wide array of machines made today, you can go practically anywhere and still have access to power for you device. If you travel quite frequently, you will want to check the different types of travel CPAP machines that are available today.

How to prevent the odor of the vagina with unwanted odors.

If you would like to know how to prevent vaginal odor, there are several self-help remedies you can use. Firstly, it is important to realize that the vagina does have a natural, characteristic smell of its own and it should be understood that this is perfectly normal. However, this odor should not be unpleasant and although it can vary from woman to woman, it should never smell unpleasant.
To prevent vaginal odor, you could start by looking at personal hygiene. Whilst washing is obviously important, what many women do not realize is that overwashing can be just as bad as not washing enough! You should wash your vagina no more than twice daily, using a gentle, unperfumed soap. Overwashing and using perfumed products around the vaginal area can strip the area of the natural discharge which keeps the vagina moist and maintains a healthy ph balance. Products intended for use on babies are gentle enough to be used on this delicate area. In addition, for the same reasons, you should avoid douching.

You should always wear cotton panties. Although many of the frilly and synthetic materials are very pretty and nice to wear, they should be saved for occasional use as they do not allow the vaginal area to "breathe". By trapping in moist air, this encourages bad vaginal smells to develop and bacteria to build up. As well as this, if you are prone to bad vaginal smells you should consider avoiding wearing pantyhose and tight trousers.

Always remember to change your sanitary protection frequently and avoid leaving tampons in place for too long. In addition, always remember to remove the last tampon of your period. If you are prone to vaginal odor, it can be a good idea to wear a thin panty pad which you can change frequently as these can help to mask and absorb odor.

Very often the semen of a new sexual partner can cause unpleasant vaginal odor to develop. This is rarely due to any adverse reasons (although if you feel there could be a problem with an underlying condition, it is always wise to check it out), but often due to the fact that the natural ph balance of your vagina has been "disrupted" with seminal fluid which it is not used to. It can be worth using a condom during sex for much of the time, having sex without a condom (if appropriate) just occasionally until your body has become acclimatised.

Very often, bad vaginal smells are caused by a very common condition called bacterial vaginosis. If you have symptoms which include a gray or white thin vaginal discharge with a strong fishy odor with an accompanying itching or burning feeling, this is highly likely.

If this is indeed the case, there is a very simple 3 day cure which gives instant relief. This is completely guaranteed to work and will cure you completely of the condition and give you fast remedies for bad vaginal smells.

You can get hold of this Bacterial Vaginosis Cure at no risk to yourself whatsoever as it comes with a cast-iron guarantee. It is available for immediate download, with no waiting and no expensive shipping costs. It is completely guaranteed to work and has done so for many thousands of women worldwide-it is the bestselling remedy for bacterial vaginosis available.

Please visit this useful site where you will learn more about How To Prevent Vaginal Odor.

Edit the test drug in acne.

Have you ever tried using an acne remedy? It's quite normal that adolescents' oil-secreting glands go into overdrive during puberty. The output is more or less of pimples and blackheads on the skin and in most cases on the facial skin but also on the shoulders and back.
Since this is a temporary condition we shall not over-dramatize it, though for a teenager it can be felt very inappropriate to appear at the senior prom with the face full of huge, nasty nipples. Before we fully understood the nature of acne, we believed that it was a result of eating foods like for example, candy and French fries, two of the most common ingredients of a teenager's meal plan. Today we know better. Acne is caused by normal oil glad secretions taking place in the puberty and the number of pimples is to a large extent determined by heredity and stress rather than food. In most cases acne reacts well to treatment with prescription free products that control and dry oil secretions. Cystic acne however, is something else since it is the severe form of this condition and can cause serious aberrations and scaring of the face. Dermatologists are normally treating this condition with special cleansing products and antibiotics. The major part of these products contain alcohol or witch hazel or both which sting the skin and make it dry, red and full of pain.

Great alternatives are natural remedies:

- They don't cause pain, - They are effective but safe - They don't cause irritated skin and peeling

Experience has shown that modern natural healers can treat skin problems successfully using the knowledge and skills of ancient ancestors' teaching and demonstrating.

Would an Acne Remedy Be Something For You?

There is a big chance that natural acne remedies will prove to be efficient and safe to use when prepared by a clever practitioner and used the correct way. Finding the right combination of natural herbal substances for a certain person is the key to successful treatment.

Every natural remedy for acne contains

- a base - a combination of skin soothing plant, herb derivatives and oil control.

The ingredient of the base is usually hydrosol. This is distilled water infused with the essence of herbs and leaves of plants after having been steamed. Then a blend of pure therapeutic-grade essential oils is added to the base. This seems weird for most people; the use of an oil to control oil. Pure essential oils don't clog the skin's pores as the skin's natural oils do, so they don't cause pimples and blackheads, although they are used in very small quantities.

The preferred essential oils for acne control are

- burdock root, - blackcurrant oil, - calendula, - borage oil, - chamomile, - lavender, - red clover - evening primrose oil.

Natural skin lotions, make-up removers, cleansers and toners can all be formulated to control acne. In addition, a hydrosol base consisting of rose, aloe, sandalwood, lavender or chamomile substitutes alcohol and witch hazel.

Lavender is preferred by many practitioners as a general natural acne remedy because it is the only essential oil that can be used on the skin undiluted by a hydrosol.

Lots of people worldwide have reported that natural health remedies like for example acne remedy, have worked effectively for their conditions. There are natural remedies that can give relief from pain for instance pain from arthritis or other ailments. The only way to know if they work for you is to try them.

5 simple ways to reduce blood pressure, a natural

Despite what you may have heard, prescription medications are not necessary in order to lower blood pressure naturally. There are dozens, if not hundreds of little things you can do to improve your cardiovascular health and improve your overall physical fitness.
Medications artificially force your body's blood pressure to drop, and frequently come along with a number of side effects that range anywhere between making you uncomfortable to being dangerous for your health.

Here are 5 simple tips you can use to lower blood pressure naturally, all without medication.

Lose Weight The correlation between obesity and blood pressure has long been documented. Losing even a moderate amount of weight is almost always accompanied by a corresponding drop in blood pressure.

Work with your doctor to determine just how much weight you need to lose in order to see the most benefit, especially if you are extremely obese or have any other medical considerations that need to be taken into account.

Exercise This goes hand in hand with losing weight, and is one of the best methods of doing so. Regular cardiovascular exercise will strengthen your heart, improve blood flow, and enhance overall cardiovascular health.

Aim for at least 30 minutes just about every day. Start with something simple like walking to get into the routine, then work your way up to more intense routines such as biking or running.

Again, consult your doctor if you have any serious medical conditions that need to be tended to.

Drink Water Recent research has indicated that chronic hypertension may be the result of severe dehydration, and that increasing water intake may be of benefit to people who are suffering from it.

This is caused by the body constricting blood vessels in an effort to hold on to as much water as possible. To combat this dehydration, try to drink at least 64 oz of water per day to lower blood pressure naturally. Do not substitute coffee or soda pop for water in this case.

Stop Smoking If all the other long term dangers of smoking were not bad enough, the chemicals contained in tobacco products will raise your blood pressure for a prolonged period after using them. This is due to a number of factors, including damage to arteries, fluid retention, and interference with the body's natural systems.

For this reason and many others, it is best to stop smoking and using other tobacco products immediately. Also, avoid secondhand smoke whenever possible.

Reduce Your Stress Level Though the exact mechanism for doing so isn't known, it has long been known that anxiety and stressful situations result in an increase in blood pressure.

Unfortunately, this one is the most difficult to incorporate because we are not always aware of what exactly causes us stress. The first thing that you will have to do is take a long look at your life and determine what exactly is making you anxious.

Once you have located your stressors, take steps to either deal with them or eliminate them from your life. As you do so, you will steadily see your blood pressure naturally drop.