Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rest und seine Bedeutung für Frauen Spiritual Leiter - Are You Getting Your Z's?

In examining the subject of my article in this week, I fought my way into the source of my creativity to open up. Then I heard the words of one of my mentors, rang in my ears ... "I want you to relax and a hot tub, that trailer this week." "Yeah, right" I said taking in my thoughts ... "Not with what I want!"

How many times that women and spiritual leaders we Running Out of Gas? A common reaction when we feel that is overburdened with responsibility "to do gear up" to what they end what we will do.

As we learn what happens normally is the "source pop out" the project is completed within our standards, and we often end up pull the hair! We all know that there is a better way. Can be simple, not easy to follow, but if we are enrolled in, automatic models often forget that we use to process the requests.

Every spiritual tradition of which I am aware, filled with stories of peace and seclusion. Jews honor the Sabbath, the religions of indigenous peoples in the vision quests and other rituals involved, to facilitate their daily "collapse" of the daily tasks. Muslims and the ways of the "spiritual traditions of the East, was also the time of retirement.

"Come unto me all you weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest" ...

What an irresistible invitation! Come on, tired, with heavy responsibilities to serve a community, the people who come to you guidance and healing, to juggle the demands of the will to keep a house and feed a family, and I serve give you rest ...

How can we accept the invitation to rest?

1. Practice awareness of our energy level. What are your personal memories that you is not enough to "fuel switching"?

2. Practice saying "no" more than you can say "yes." Very often our answers "yes" to an application automatically. When we use regularly review what we have been asked, in light of the what we have done, to do already, it became clear that this is not "a bad word.

3. The observation of our thoughts. Are they accelerating? Are they in the future with everything you need to do and if so, this is a good sign as you approach, which is already "overloading.

4. Take 10 minutes to sit with a notebook and identify a number of locations (a quiet place in your home or garden), people (a good friend, your child), things (music, art, pet, his inspired writings) gives you a feeling of calm, as "apart", and commit themselves, in which, when you yourself know cause this condition "overwhelment.

5. Identify a support system to develop and to invite him in, if you increase your level of stress.

6. Practice is at the moment ... at any moment.

7. How about your bed for a good night?

Meditation to Help Fight Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's affects movements such as walking, speaking and writing. It is a loss of nerve cells in the brain called the substance nigra, which produces a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine sends messages to parts of the brain to coordinate movement. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that controls movement and balance, (a neurotransmitter is a messenger from one nerve cell to another). In the cells of the substantia nigra degenerate in Parkinson's and can not produce enough dopamine. A drug used to treat Parkinson's disease with levodopa is called the brain uses to make more dopamine.

Causes of Parkinson's disease is unknown, but researchers have registered as genetic and environmental factors, genetic, because a gene called Parkin and the environment as a result of toxins such as pesticides. Lawyers for the Parkinson's Society and the traditional methods of treating people to try alternative therapies such as Reiki, massage, reflexology, hypnosis and meditation to help relaxation and recreation. In fact, are on the website of a comprehensive document listing many therapies as suggestions.

Research has shown that during meditation, a chemical called dopamine is released and an increase of 65% and were recorded and an increase in theta EEG activity, a characteristic of meditation.
All participants reported a willingness to share decreased during meditation, sensory imagery increased.

Regular meditation acts as a constant stimulus and repetitive some permanent changes develop in the nervous system. The neurotransmitters and neuromodulators may stimulate growth of neurons in dormant or latent for development and suggests that the brain can grow new connections and plasticity that leads to the ability to think, rationalize, and react in a way d different sensory input than previously expected.

If you are a victim of Parkinson's disease or a family member, then this article hopes that a new light for you and you may consider the benefits of regular meditation and have a go yourself. Scientists continue to make startling new discoveries, and who study the brain and how alternative therapies have a great future in the treatment of many diseases.

Acne traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

I found the most common skin conditions of acne. In a typical onset in adolescence is a decrease of conditions over time, sometimes before the age of 20 tend to disappear. May exist several decades for. However, less common, and even then 20 teens and 30s, especially among women can be the first to start. Acne face, chest, back, upper arm, abdomen and sometimes the region is rich in sebaceous glands, usually affects.

Acupuncture, as a condition for the heat of traditional chinese medicine acne doctor, seeing that one can not escape. Cause of the fever in adolescence may be due to rapid growth and hormonal changes, emotional factors, stress, genetic constitution, menstrual and nutritional imbalances. In addition to the reasons for the heat, in order to correctly identify the body heat, there is an urgent need. Fever-like people with depth of the body organs and energetic can smolder for providing other symptoms.

One from the perspective of three traditional Chinese medicine are carefully observing the lesion of the most powerful diagnostic criteria for an effective treatment for acne and other skin diseases. Secondary source of heat and pathogens (based on) to find a successful treatment strategy. The location, severity, the predominant color of the skin lesion and pustule formation rates and / treatment strategies will be key to determining the resolution.

In the example, you can discover that the boy seen in the treatment of acne. Pustules are usually more prominent chin and nose, forehead. Pustules suddenly appear, they tend to move in the same way. Acne in traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis of lung fever, often the cause of this type. Pustular fluid as a factor shows a strong oily skin and shiny.

Paradigm is the perfect tool for traditional Chinese medicine for skin problems herbal medicine. Applications using both internal and external herbal preparations, herbal ointments often people who bring a significant easing of suffering from acne.

Curing Your Acne - Here are great tips that are Get Rid of Your Acne and Blackheads!

Acne can be a serious problem. But depression is not an option, there are many options and home remedies you can follow to get rid of acne. Most probably still time Miracle of you, there is a permanent cure for acne, if you should one of them, read this section carefully. Read further to discover some effective methods to help you get rid of acne - Some methods I have personally used successfully.

Acne is usually a number of reasons: genetic factors, environmental factors, bacteria and germs hormone imbalance. Basically, acne is caused by an overproduction of sebum, the oil produced under the skin. Treatment of acne permanently is a difficult thing to resolve. So what you need to do is tackle the cause.

The best way to go and it will be to keep your skin clean with natural remedies. Medication helps temporarily rid of pimples and blackheads, but natural resources in order to cure the root of the problem and prevent acne, to emerge again.

Although the treatment of acne with natural remedies, you must cleanse your body completely from the inside. First you start with the detoxification of the body and then you go to cleanse clogged pores. It may not see an immediate relief, but the results are permanent. Start with plenty of water helps hydrate your body and brings the shine has your face. On the other hand, eliminate the toxins that aggravate acne. Use a face wash that contains salicylic acid. It helps get rid of acne, and it also allows your skin hydrated. It helps a gentle scrub for both. If this is not the salicylic acid based cleaners, wash at least mild soap or choose your face soft, it is to avoid a worsening of your acne.